Ny identitet för IIS

Med klädsam rodnad konstaterar vi att den visuella identiteten för Internetstiftelsen i Sverige, IIS (tidigare .SE) röner stor uppskattning internationellt.

”The previous logo was fine and more troublesome was the fact that organization was called .SE — that’s not a very user friendly name. So not only is the name change good and more appropriate but the logo change is so so so so good. It should make you red with jealousy that you didn’t come up with it. ”

”Not that you were assigned to do it, but you know what I mean. It’s such a simple, smart, and appropriate solution. In case you don’t know what I’m raving about, the “ii” is made from Sweden’s flag rotated. Sooooo good! It reminds me of the Design from Finland logo but even better and simpler if that’s possible. The execution here is perfect too, with the top end of the “S” matching the bottom of the tittle in the “i”s. Have I said how so good this is? It’s so good.”

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”New logo for Swedish internet foundation IIS has hidden version of the country’s flag. Lovely.”

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